Monday, January 26, 2009

No Opinions Needed

As a sub-part of the surveys, I now belong to:
  1. PineCone Research (by invitation only)
  2. (in the UK, I've earned £3 - we'll see how they pay to the US)
  3. American Consumer Opinion
  4. Greenfield (no pay, just entry to sweepstakes)
So the first three pay, and the last one enters my name in a sweepstakes. Shall I tell you which one has surveys available for me? Can you guess?

I've been in PineCone for close to three months now, and they've sent me two paying surveys while the rest are newer and haven't sent me anything yet. I just signed into Greenfield, and I'm taking a survey on beverages while I type here.

The plan is to find about 10 good survey sites. 20-30 would be better... And by taking a survey twice a month on each, I could make a couple hundred dollars. Now it's looking like I might get up to $10 a month.

We'll see. More to sign up with shortly!

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