Friday, January 16, 2009

Online Sales, Stores, and eBay

This is the one everyone talks about. Set up an online store, sell digital products, make money IN YOUR SLEEP! 'Weird Al' Yankovic has a song about eBay. You've heard it many times - "Everybody needs a web presence!"

The startup costs can be minimal, the setup and work minor, and if you have the right product, the profits can be fabulous! But, hype aside, what's it really like? eBay is so talked about, I doubt there's a ton of money to be made there. Stores? Can I be the next Doubtful. Not that I won't try...

I'm going to start out small here. I've sent some pictures I took to Loxly Gallery owner Deborah has offered to put them up. You can see a small version of one here while we wait.

Once I start to settle in, we'll look at other possibilities. I have an eBay account set up, and Paypal in place. By affiliating, I'll get to see how other businesses go, and thus how I could work this. Maybe someday I will be the next Amazon. We'll see...

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